The days are numbered for the old-fashioned household conservatory – they are just too impractical to be a serious contender for a modern extension. Everyone has heard the familiar cry:

‘they’re too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, we can only use it for a maximum of six months of the year, and even then, we’re either heating it, or cooling it and wearing sunglasses’

So why have conservatories been so popular in the past?  The answer for a lot of us, is that we just need more space.  Whether it’s for a child’s playroom (it seems they don’t like playing on their own in an upstairs bedroom) a separate dining room, a home office or a whole other myriad of reasons, extra space is needed and it’s needed quickly and inexpensively – enter the conservatory salesman.

The reality of course is that the ‘inexpensive’ conservatory creates a space which is little more than a green-house attached to the back of your house.  (The Telegraph – What’s the cheapest way to heat a conservatory)

But now there is another way.  Ark Rooms’ single storey house extensions are as affordable as a conservatory but are an architect designed, fully insulated, 100% genuine house extension.  Designed and built to exceed building regulations for U values, the new room will be used all year round and change the way you live in your house.

Ark Rooms is a ‘one stop shop’ for extensions costing from as little as £14,750 plus vat – we take care of the designs, building surveys, planning applications, construction and even the decoration of the extension, and all for the price of a conservatory.

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