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One Seater Sofa

There are some photos which ought to be shared and this is surely one of them.  It’s a dog’s life for the beautiful Kalla, who presumably has little intention of sharing her spot in her newly constructed Ark Rooms house extension.

More of an elegant Chien Long than Chaise Longue in this case…

Kalla on the sofa

What are the benefits of roof lights?

A roof light is just a window in the roof, but used effectively they can transform a room quickly and relatively cheaply.  The company Velux dominated the market for years, and people often say a Velux when they really just mean a roof light.

There’s nothing worse than a gloomy room for dampening the spirit.  Even well ‘artificially lit’ rooms cannot reproduce the brilliance of natural light especially during the darker months when there is less ambient light bouncing off other walls and surfaces. It is amazing how even the smallest window in the correct position can make a room come alive.

But how big? How many? Sadly, the answer, as always, is not that straight forward. A few factors can influence the impact of a roof light and, for that matter, any window.  Which way is the room facing? – south facing rooms will be brighter requiring fewer or smaller roof lights, north facing rooms tend be darker therefore a large roof light would be a good idea. Is the room shaded by trees or other buildings? If so, consider their effect on the available light and size roof lights accordingly.

So in an attempt to make things simple, Sterling Build, a provider of roof lights, have come up with an equation to calculate the ideal size of windows for a room. It’s the m2 of a room divided by 5.  Therefore, they recommend a 5m x 5m room (25m2) should have 5m2 of windows.  That’s a lot of windows, but as they sell them, I suppose that’s not surprising!

roof lite


Top 5 mistakes people make when extending

Ah, another top 5 list – this time by Urbanist Architecture about the possible pitfalls of an ill-considered house extension.  The article’s author points out some basic mistakes often made by home owners, but the really great news is that our ‘one stop shop’ service means that Ark Rooms’ clients don’t make any of them! Read Ufuk’s article here

good tradesman

A big thumbs up from Hungerford

As a recent customer to Ark Rooms I would like to share our experience.  The sales and design team couldn’t have been more helpful and they showed us all their latest designs and clearly explained the materials they use, which gave us great confidence in them from day one!

Once we decided to go ahead, we thought that we would have lots of paperwork to do for the planning stage, but oh no …. Annelies did all of it: the building designs, the planning application, the application to the building control and all the things that cause the most stress – she did it all!

Once the building was constructed off site to our specifications, we arranged a start date. The on-site work started late in July and finished 8 weeks later, less than the estimated time of 10 weeks, which was very impressive as it was over the summer holiday.

Throughout the build the team kept us fully up to date with progress and what was coming up the next day. All the builders were so friendly and helpful which made such a big difference in what could be a very stressful time.

When I refer to the team on site as ‘builders’ I feel that doesn’t do them justice as they highly skilled within their specialised area – the building was built to a very high standard because of this expertise.

This extra room has given us the space and the extension that we have always wanted, at a fraction of the cost and time compared to a conventional build. I cannot recommend Ark Rooms and their wonderful team enough.

Thank you all so much.

Hardwood Cladding

Siberian Larch cladding

Want to upgrade your conservatory?

This week we have been asked by a home owner in Thatcham, West Berkshire, to replace their existing conservatory with a brand new house extension. This is great news of course and as the cooler weather is drawing in, we have noticed  more enquiries for this type of home improvement.

Replacing an existing conservatory which is either too hot or too cold, with a room which can be enjoyed all year round is often more straightforward than building an extension from scratch.  Sometimes it’s possible to re-use the footings and ground-works of the old conservatory which saves clients time, inconvenience and money.

Design and build

Another busy week for both the Ark Rooms’ site operatives and the office staff.  In addition to two projects being delivered on site and the two being constructed in the workshop, we also received notification that two further house extensions have been granted planning permission.

Our construction projects fully comply with the high standards set by Building Control, unlike a conservatory. In addition, each extension is designed by our in-house architects and built in our workshop under their supervision.  This is why we are a true design and build construction company.

ark room drawing

Fancy a Wii

Today the arrival of our lorry made two boys in Newbury very happy. As the truck backed into the drive the two tiny banksmen were busy discussing their new house extension, soon destined to become the most important room in the house. A bright and spacious new playroom!

Luton truck

It’s Friday

A week has passed since the Newbury Show and all it’s wonders. From the Devil’s horses to steam powered saws, it gets better each year, and on our door step too!

sheep at show

Introducing Ryan

Ryan, or Rory to his colleagues, has been working with Ark since the beginning and he’s one of the site foremen for Ark Rooms. There aren’t many trades that Rory isn’t skilled in. From the initial groundworks to first and second fix carpentry, plastering and decorating, Rory is there at the beginning and end of the job, making sure Ark’s high standards are maintained.

ryan 1

Remember avocado bathroom suites? 

Beware of trends and fads when choosing colours for your home. This is the advice from by House and Garden Magazine.  Choosing a colour scheme for your house and your new extension need not be complicated, their suggestion is to go for colours that you like and not to feel restricted by the age or period of the property.

Phrases like ‘colour palettes’ and ‘sympathetic shades’ are double Dutch to most of us, so for some clear advice on how to get the look you want, read the article here.

paint colours