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On Friday 26th May, in time for the long weekend, we handed over the keys to a great garden room in Newbury.  Mr and Mrs B came to us a few weeks ago asking if we could build them a room in the garden which could be used as an office during the day and a place to get away from the house and enjoy the view over their garden in the evening.

So after a quick survey of the garden, our team designed and built a generously sized garden room using the SIP panel system we use for our traditional house extensions. Our team cleverly designed a room which could be built under ‘permitted development rights’ therefore removing the need to apply for planning permission. This prevented a significant 12 week delay in getting started.

We installed our beautiful anthracite grey door and full height windows, which not only provides an incredible view of the garden but also floods the room with natural light from dawn to dusk.

On a typical garden room – this amount of glazing could result in a very hot room during the summer, but due to the huge amount of insulation we use in our SIP panels, this potential problem has been designed out.